At HIROC, we value research and innovative projects that drive healthcare safety. But we know this work demands time and resources. To that end, we searched high and low and tapped into our resources to launch the Safety Grants Program. 

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What is the Safety Grants Program?

The Safety Grants Program is an annual initiative created by The HIROC Foundation, providing funding support toward our subscribers’ innovative safety solutions. The program is funded through profits from our Brokerage – just another way that HIROC gives back to the healthcare system.  

The Safety Grants Program aims to drive awareness to the need for greater agility and intelligence sharing within the healthcare ecosystem.

All subscribers are encouraged to apply and begin funding projects improving the quality and safety of care happening in all healthcare facilities.

In 2018 HIROC awarded a combined total of $120,000 to six HIROC subscribers.

2019 Safety Grants Program

Stay tuned for news about the 2019 Safety Grants Program. 

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