Each year, the minds of hundreds of healthcare and insurance professionals are brought together at HIROC’s annual conference to share knowledge and lead critical discussions on improving patient safety. 

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2022 HIROC Conference 

Thank you to all those who made our 2022 HIROC Conference such a valuable learning opportunity. Stay tuned to learn what we have in store for our conference in 2023. 

Here are a few themes attendees heard about at the virtual conference:

  • Health Human Resources
  • Cyber
  • Risk and Safety
  • Mental Health
  • Indigenous Allyship

Don't forget: If you registered for the 2022 conference, you have access to all main stage recordings until January 2023. Simply head over to the conference platform and select the Replay tab on the left. Grab the link to the platform in your email reminder from one day and one hour before the event. 

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Our virtual HIROC Conference was recognized with a 2022 International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Toronto Ovation Award. 

IABC Toronto Ovation Winner 2022