Question? Need help? Just want to get in touch?

If you’re unsure who to contact and would like to talk to someone, please call (416) 733-2773 or 1-800-465-7357 (during regular business hours) or email [email protected] with your question. A member of our staff will get back to you within two business days.

For urgent matters requiring HIROC executive support, contact:

To send a file to HIROC which contains sensitive data or Personal Health Information (PHI), subscribers may log in and use HIROC’s secure email system, Echoworx

To request a certificate of insurance, subscribers will first need to log in, then select Request Certificate of Insurance from the Member Portal Links drop-down menu.

Please review HIROC's Land Acknowledgment to learn more about the lands we have the privilege to work on. 

HIROC Contact Information

General Inquiries
For questions about your policy, coverages, website access or other HIROC services
[email protected]

Request a Certificate
For third-party certificate requests or proof of insurance documents (e.g. events, leases, contracts)
[email protected]

Claims Inquiry
For questions about actual or potential claims
[email protected]

Midwife Query
For questions about general midwifery insurance (coverage, navigation, services)
[email protected]

Western Region
For questions about insurance or risk management services in the western provinces or the territories
[email protected]

Request a Quotation
For an insurance quotation (liability or non-liability)
[email protected]

Risk Management Query
For questions about risk management, as well as patient safety services or resources
[email protected]

Human Resources and Employment
For questions about human resources and employment opportunities
[email protected]

Communications and Marketing
For questions about media relations, advertising, communications or marketing
[email protected]

Privacy Officer
For questions about HIROC’s privacy practises
[email protected]

If you’re a subscriber and your contact information has changed, please email [email protected]


In the event of an after-hours emergency, please contact Sedgwick (formally known as Cunningham Lindsey) at 1-844-544-4762.

For other urgent matters requiring HIROC executive support, contact Trevor Hall, VP Healthcare Safety and Risk Management at (416) 730-3075 OR Shahbaz Haque, VP, Insurance Services at (437) 996-9232.