Echoworx – Protection of Electronic Communications

Why is HIROC adopting a new initiative around encryption?

For HIROC and its subscribers, privacy is paramount. As our reliance on electronic communications grows, HIROC will strive to not only be compliant with privacy regulations but to also be a leader for privacy in the healthcare industry. Echoworx, a company that manages the encryption needs of many around the world, provides HIROC with a secure email platform that will enable the communication of sensitive information with subscribers, service providers and other outside contacts.

What is Echoworx?

Recognized as the go-to source for encryption, Echoworx is dedicated to providing users with a secure messaging environment focused on regulations compliance and protection of sensitive information all with the goal of improving productivity. HIROC has implemented Echoworx’s signature solution, OneWorld email encryption.

What information will be encrypted?

Any time we send sensitive information to an external recipient we will consider using encryption. If we are sending Personal Health Information (PHI), then we will always use encryption. Some examples of other sensitive information, include risk management claims analysis reports, partnership reports, insurance premium-related information, invoices, etc.

What does this new process entail for me as a HIROC subscriber / partner / vendor?

Subscribers, partners and vendors will encounter Echoworx in two different ways:

  1. Emails: All email that is sent by HIROC to outside recipients will have the option of being encrypted through Echoworx. The HIROC sender will decide to encrypt if the email body or attachment contains any sensitive information.

    If Echoworx is activated, recipients will receive an email from the HIROC sender advising that they have been sent an encrypted email.  This email will contain a link which will direct you to the Echoworx OneWorld portal, where you will be able to access your Secure Email. You will be prompted to create a username/password if one has not already been set up.

    If your organization has Transport Layer Security (TLS) embedded on your email service, you will notice NO CHANGE in how you receive messages from HIROC. This is because HIROC is also TLS compliant, therefore ensuring all emails are encrypted. If you are unsure if your organization is TLS compliant, please contact your system administrator

  2. HIROC Portal Inquiries: Subscribers can now submit encrypted inquiries through the HIROC portal. Subscribers can use this portal when sharing sensitive information, particularly if you do not have a secure email system at your organization.  To send and receive email, subscribers can select “Secure Email” from the Member Portal links in the header of our site.

Please note, the maximum file size is 20MB. If you have a file larger than this, we kindly ask you message your HIROC contact directly and they will provide details on how to transfer.

If I have any problems or issues, who should I contact?

Please contact us at