A Note from our CEO Catherine Gaulton

Catherine Gaulton at her desk, smiling


Thank you for taking the time to check out our site. We hope you have a great, seamless experience and that you’re learning something new.

I learn new things from our Subscribers and partners each and every day. Whether it’s hearing how your organization is making an impact in patient safety (something that’s near and dear to all of us at HIROC), or how your teams are embracing technology in this ever-evolving healthcare system – I am truly amazed with your adaptability and resilience.

We’re all very aware of the financial pressures and flux in our system – but you and your teams remain steadfast in our shared vision of partnering to create the safest healthcare system. 

It was that same strength of conviction that put the reciprocal model into motion in 1987. In those days, just the notion of an insurance reciprocal was radical, and here we are, 33 years later. Today the reciprocal, because of your trust and confidence, is thriving more than ever.

At the beginning of 2023, my team and I launched our renewed three-year strategic plan. This plan is specifically designed to meet your risk and insurance needs, and assist our system in turning the corner on healthcare safety.

The team at HIROC is committed to hearing and responding to your needs, and each and every staff member is empowered to assist you and provide expert counsel. Through their association with you and their commitment to learning, this dedicated team has the pulse of the insurance and healthcare sector, and because of that you’ll find many valuable resources on our website. These items were created to help you on your patient safety journey, and ultimately to leverage your ability to make informed decisions. 

I encourage you to continue checking out our site and I’d like to thank you for your patronage – it means a lot to us!

Catherine Gaulton

Meet the Leadership Team

Catherine headshot

Catherine Gaulton, CEO

Shahbaz, headshot

Shahbaz Haque, Vice President
Insurance Services

Leo, headshot

Leo Dias, Vice President
Information Technology Services

Trevor, headshot

Trevor Hall, Vice President
Healthcare Safety and Risk Management

Judith, headshot

Judith Kean, Vice President

Gareth, headshot

Gareth Lewis, Vice President

Polly, headshot

Polly Stevens, Chief Strategy and Learning Officer

Christina, headshot

Christina Giannone, Assistant Vice President 
People and Organization

Philip, headshot

Philip De Souza, Assitant Vice President
Communications and Marketing

Nataly, headshot

Nataly Farshait, Director
Healthcare Safety and Risk Management

Gord, headshot

Gordon Slemko, General Counsel

Rossi, headshot

Rossi Jamieson, Director 
Finance and Operations

Dennis Governor, Director, Performance Excellence and Information Services

Dennis Governor, Director 
Performance Excellence and Information Services

Marnie, headshot

Marnie MacPhee, Director, Claims

Jonathan Bracamonte, Director, Brokerage Services

Jonathan Bracamonte, Director, Brokerage Services