Is your organization talking about risk?

The Canadian healthcare system is evolving. At HIROC, we’re here to make sure your team is ready with the right resources for the challenges of tomorrow.

With an ever-growing population, hospitals, clinics, midwifery groups, family health teams, and other healthcare organizations must equip themselves with practical risk and safety knowledge. Through working together, we can create the safest healthcare system.

“HIROC's resources are excellent! Our organization is taking managing risk exposure seriously. We’re so proud to do so!”

– Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare

We Know Healthcare

Our team of experts draws on authentic experiences working alongside you in the healthcare system. They understand the many intricacies you face day-in and day-out, and we have created resources specifically to meet your needs. With a broad claims database at our fingertips, we help subscribers identify and mitigate risks at no additional cost.

The HIROC Difference

Have you started your Integrated Risk Management journey? Let’s get the conversation started.

Our subscribers are encouraged to take part in our Risk Assessment Checklists (RAC) program, which is a web-based, risk management self-assessment system. The program includes mitigation strategies sourced from Risk Reference Sheets. With it, your organization is eligible to receive a 5 per cent premium discount.

The IRM Risk Register is an online tool providing a platform for healthcare organizations to identify, assess and manage key organizational risks. Our Integrated Risk Management for Healthcare Organizations guide and the Taxonomy of Healthcare Organizational Risks supports it.

Both RAC and the Risk Register are no additional cost to subscribers.

Our Resources

Do you know about HIROC’s value add? Our educational events and world-class resources include everything you need to start talking about risk.

Our key risk-related resources include:

  • Risk Resource Guides
  • Case Study Library
  • Risk Watch
For more, check out our complete resource library.