Risk Assessment Checklists, also referred to as RAC, is an innovative tool enabling healthcare organizations to systematically self-assess compliance with evidence-based mitigation strategies for HIROC’s top risks. The top risks are ranked by those which lead to significant medical malpractice claims. 

"The Risk Assessment Checklists add immensely to our patient safety programming."

– Colette Ouellet, Queensway Carleton Hospital

Program Highlights

  • The program follows a three-year cycle. Each year, organizations complete or update a set of risk modules. 
  • Modules are selected based on the types of programs and services the organization provides. 
  • The program is no charge to subscribers.
  • Participants receive a risk management discount on liability premiums.

Tools and Resources

RAC participants are supported remotely and in-person as needed while self-service resources are also available. These include:

For more information, please contact us at riskapplications@hiroc.com.