What is Integrated Risk Management (IRM)?

IRM: a continuous, proactive, systematic approach to identifying, assessing, understanding, acting on, and communicating risk from an organization-wide, aggregate perspective.

Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, 2010

IRM Risk Register Annual Report

HIROC's Approach to IRM

Together with a national steering committee of risk managers from leading healthcare organizations, HIROC created a standardized, evidence-based, effective and efficient approach to IRM.

"At no cost to subscribers, it's clear that HIROC recognizes the value of Integrated Risk Management."

– John Wren, Pembroke Regional Hospital

HIROC’s IRM program includes a suite of tools and resources. These include:

HIROC subscribers are also supported through remote and in-person support, consultation with peer experts, including members of the IRM Advisory Group. A number of self-service resources are also available. These include:

For further details and to access all associated resources, please contact us at [email protected].