From the Co-Chair's Perspective: Cybersecurity in Healthcare Conference

Marc Aiello
From the Co-Chair's Perspective: Cybersecurity in Healthcare Conference

At HIROC, knowledge-sharing and scaling lessons learned across the healthcare sector is critical to ensuring a safer system for all. It's why HIROC is an education partner at a number of learning sessions and events, including Spark Conference's Cyber Security in Healthcare Conference in Toronto.

After the event, we had a chance to catch up with the conference's two co-chairs, HIROC's Kopiha Nathan, Privacy and Compliance Officer, and Halton Healthcare's Brendan Kwolek, Chief Information Officer, to gain their unique perspective on how the posture toward cybersecurity in healthcare has changed over the years, their key takeaways for CISOs and IT teams, and more. Watch now!

Key Video Moments

  • (0:36) "How does this shift toward cybersecurity compare to previous years? And why do you feel it’s changed in this way?"
  • (5:30) "What are two main takeaways from the event that healthcare CISOs and IT teams should implement now to boost their resiliency? And what's one thing that you've learned and personally implemented in your own life to boost cybersecurity at home?"
  • (12:04) "With everything you've seen and heard, what is your message for cybersecurity teams?"

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