About Us

HIROC was formed in 1987 with 53 healthcare organizations who were determined to work together to bring positive change to their industry. The newly formed not-for-profit, known as a reciprocal, was an ambitious undertaking – reciprocals were not seen as part of the insurance family.

Our story

Every business starts with a problem. In the mid-1980s, Ontario hospitals faced a crisis when their liability insurance premiums rose dramatically and one major commercial insurer refused to insure them. Two commissioned reports recommended the formation of an insurance reciprocal, to be known as HIRO (The Hospital Insurance Reciprocal of Ontario). Those early subscribers were tentative (this was completely new), yet excited about the prospect of working with an insurance exchange that was going to specialize in healthcare and was dedicated to helping them reduce and prevent losses.

What We Stand For

Today healthcare risk management and patient safety are the cornerstones of our work and something that sets us apart from commercial insurers. A diverse set of tools and resources is geared to helping healthcare organizations identify, assess, report and manage their key organizational risks.

The faith and confidence of our Board and subscribers has resulted in solid financial growth for HIROC. We now have over 600 subscribers across the healthcare spectrum and through the subscriber surplus distribution program have put $140 million back into the healthcare system – proof of the financial benefits Canadian healthcare organizations receive by participating in the reciprocal.

How We Work

As our subscriber population has grown, so has our employee base. But we’ve managed to retain the family-oriented culture that was the foundation of HIROC. Our employees feel connected to their clients, know that their ideas for change are considered and acted on, and are well-respected for the depth of their knowledge and expertise. Here are the values we live by every day:

We CARE about our subscribers, those they serve, our employees, and our community.
We RESPECT each other and value everyone’s contributions.
We are dedicated to delivering superior SERVICE to our subscribers and partners.
We operate with INTEGRITY and are ethical in all our dealings.

Why Do Business With Us 

Being somewhat of an outsider to the insurance industry is a badge we’ve always worn with pride. Especially since that means saved money for clients. Unlike our commercial competitors, we are a not-for-profit, therefore we do not pay commissions and income tax, and we have lower operating expenses. That translates into a lower cost of insurance for our subscribers.

Our inaugural chairman George N. Speal summed it up when he said, “When you join HIROC, you buy more than an insurance policy, you buy into a philosophy.” Over close to 30 years, we’ve learned how to work in an industry that has been in constant flux. Our firm connection with our subscribers and commitment to continuous innovation around insurance coverage and risk management products has made us leaders in reducing costs and creating a safer healthcare environment.

The healthcare landscape is always shifting and yet our core purpose and beliefs have not changed. We are still the ‘radical upstart’ reciprocal built on a foundation of comprehensive insurance coverage, financial stability and professional expertise. That foundation is still our greatest strength and differentiator.

For more information on HIROC, consult the following resources: