Preparing for a Future with AI

Arun Dixit, Jennifer Quaglietta and Catherine Gaulton
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How Organizations can Prepare Boards, Leaders and Risk Managers for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is all around us. It runs in the background of our lives, rapidly changing the way we work, how we access information, and how decisions are made. 

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

AI is the use of machines mimicking complex cognitive functions, such as reasoning, predicting, planning, and problem solving.

In healthcare, AI represents a vast potential to improve complex processes and benefit both clinical and non-clinical settings. For example, there are AI models that can help support clinical diagnostic work about patients by using natural language processing tools to mine through large amounts of data. Non-clinical applications include automated tools for logistics and supply chain-related applications.

The Benefits and the Risks

In today's stretched and overworked healthcare systems, AI can have a powerful impact. But AI can also introduce new risks into an organization.  

In a recent article published in Healthcare Management Forum, HIROC's Arun Dixit, Jennifer Quaglietta, and Catherine Gaulton present several risk categories associated with AI. The paper also outlines considerations for engaging and educating leadership teams.

Access the full article: Preparing for the future: How organizations can prepare boards, leaders and risk managers for artificial intelligence

For a glimpse inside their paper and to offer practical takeaways for healthcare teams, Arun and Jennifer joined us on Talk with HIROC on October 1. Watch the video and share with your teams. 


Helpful Resources

Arun and Jennifer outline additional resources in the Talk with HIROC video linked above. 

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