Step inside the minds of Canada’s healthcare leaders; welcome to Healthcare Change Makers

Join us as we talk to leaders about driving change in our complex healthcare organizations. Learn valuable lessons about how to manage the bigger challenges and risks facing organizations today – the implementation of new technology, natural disasters, patient safety, and the big problem of congestion and poor access to care.

Inspiring Impact with Jennifer Cornell

Colour It Your Way with County of Grey Director of Long Term Care Jennifer Cornell. As a new leader during an intense and challenging time, Jennifer Cornell, Grey County Director of Long Term Care, found comfort and guidance in the Colour It Your Way model of care.

Voices Lifting the Community with Celeste Turner, LGBTQ2+ Support Coordinator

Let’s call today Day One with LGBTQ2+ Support Coordinator Celeste Turner. It took years for Turner to find their voice and today they feel privileged to be in a position to advocate for the LGBTQ2+ community. The issues they face around access and inclusion are huge, but they say we can do this, let’s make today Day One.

Inspiring Impact with Trish Tutton

Thrive: Mindfulness as a Pandemic Recovery Tool. Difficult times, like we’ve been through in the past year, can take us to the physical and mental brink. Stress is a fact of life but mindfulness expert Trish Tutton says it can also be the source of our greatest lessons.