Step inside the minds of Canada’s healthcare leaders; welcome to Healthcare Change Makers

Join us as we talk to leaders about driving change in our complex healthcare organizations. Learn valuable lessons about how to manage the bigger challenges and risks facing organizations today – the implementation of new technology, natural disasters, patient safety, and the big problem of congestion and poor access to care.

Healthcare Change Makers is hosted by Ellen Gardner and Philip De Souza, with hosting support and marketing by Michelle Holden, Marc Aiello and the entire Communications and Marketing Team at HIROC. The show is produced by Podfly Productions.

Adam Topp: Transformation and Service as Anchors to Success

As Chief Executive Officer of Shared Health Manitoba, Adam Topp is no stranger to system transformation. Adam gives us a window into developing the unique health system in Manitoba, and what he’s learned from other provinces along the way.  

Sarah Downey: A Time of Excitement and Challenge in Mental Health

Transitions are tough, but as CAMH’s newly installed CEO, Sarah Downey is excited about being part of an organization with a worldwide reputation in research, treatment and advocacy for mental health. There is nothing more important in her view, than dignified care for people with mental health issues.

Dr. Brian Goldman: Leaning into Uncertainty

Medicine has become too complex to enable clinicians to be solo operators. In his book The Power of Teamwork, Dr. Brian Goldman explains that having a diversity of thought in healthcare has made moving from ‘I Alone’ to ‘We Together’ a necessity.

Janice Kaffer and Bill Marra: Healthcare CEOs Should Never Lead From Their Office Desk

As past and present CEOs, Janice Kaffer and Bill Marra approach the role with different strengths but are united in their belief that CEOs need to be visible and hear directly from frontline staff and from patients and families.

Show Summary

Welcome to Healthcare Change Makers, a podcast produced by HIROC. I’m Ellen Gardner with Michelle Holden and Philip De Souza.

Susan Bisaillon: Share Frequently and Share Freely

Growing up in Corner Brook, Newfoundland gave Susan Bisaillon the courage to embrace her strengths and share her knowledge, essential skills for leading an organization dedicated to protecting vulnerable people.

Show Summary

Welcome to Healthcare Change Makers, a podcast produced by HIROC. I’m Ellen Gardner with Philip de Souza.