Step inside the minds of Canada’s healthcare leaders; welcome to Healthcare Change Makers

Join us as we talk to leaders about driving change in our complex healthcare organizations. Learn valuable lessons about how to manage the bigger challenges and risks facing organizations today – the implementation of new technology, natural disasters, patient safety, and the big problem of congestion and poor access to care.

From the Frontlines with The Ottawa Hospital’s Corporate Communications Team

For this small but mighty team, supporting one of the largest academic research centres in the country comes with a great sense of pride.

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Welcome to From the Frontlines, a special Healthcare Change Makers mini-series. Healthcare providers and support staff have been on the frontlines, fighting for Canadians since the start of this pandemic. In this series we’re handing the microphone over to some of those amazing individuals.  

Episode 24: Juggy Sihota of TELUS on the Importance of Creating a Contribution Culture

As she reflects on her career motivations, Juggy Sihota continues to be inspired by meaningful work, being part of strong teams, and her drive – instilled by family – to mentor others and give back to the community. 

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Today, Ellen Gardner and Philip De Souza, Director of Communications and Marketing at HIROC, speak with Juggy Sihota who leads the national strategy, execution and operation of the Consumer Health Business for TELUS.  

Episode 23: Moving Towards the Fire with Andrée Robichaud, President and CEO, Central Health

For Andrée Robichaud, President and CEO of Central Health, being a leader in healthcare means being able to explain your decisions to staff and to the community around you – accountability and transparency are essential.

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Today, your host Ellen Gardner and HIROC’s Philip De Souza speak with Andrée Robichaud, President and CEO of Central Health in Newfoundland.

Episode 22: Dr. Andy Smith on Healthcare as a Team Sport

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Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre President and CEO Dr. Andy Smith always reminds his staff that they should never forget why they went into healthcare in the first place and that it’s important to take care of yourself but also lift up the person beside you. That’s what makes the magic happen.