People at the Centre

Catherine Gaulton
Strat plan mural

Introducing HIROC's new three-year strategic plan

Over the past few years, a dedicated team at HIROC has been working with our Board, staff, our Subscribers and other key stakeholders to create something special.

The result – our new strategic plan.

Our plan revolves around three key priorities:

  1. Turning the Corner on Patient Safety
  2. Service First – Embracing a Relentless Customer Focus
  3. Building Innovation and Agility

These are not just words or marketing speak, but rather, these are the priorities that YOU want to see as a focus for HIROC.

The goals aligned with these priorities have the power to reverberate across the healthcare system. Most importantly, however, through these goals HIROC aims to respond to your needs, continue to be your trusted advisor and help you navigate an ever-evolving system, all with a view to improving the care we provide to those we serve.

To mark this shift in our strategy, we created an illustration representing our focus for the next three years – our subscribers, our employees, patients and their families, and healthcare professionals.

In the end, our strategic plan places people at the centre. 

Many thanks to those who provided feedback – this plan is your plan and we’re excited to see where it takes us. But more importantly, through this plan we will continue to partner with you in creating the safest healthcare system.


Catherine Gaulton

Learn more about our plan for 2020 and beyond, download HIROC's People at the Centre brochure. More about HIROC and our story can be found under About Us