Keeping You Informed: Changes to HIROC’s Risk Watch

Marc Aiello
Keeping You Informed: Changes to HIROC’s Risk Watch

HIROC understands that Subscribers are managing so much these days, and it can be difficult for risk managers and other healthcare professionals to be informed of the latest trends in healthcare risk management and patient safety.

To assist Subscribers, HIROC’s expert team of Risk Management Specialists developed Risk Watch—a comprehensive collection of selected research, publications, and resources to promote evidence-informed risk management and patient safety in Canadian healthcare organizations.

Recently, a team at HIROC has been working diligently to improve how Risk Watch could better serve Subscribers and align with HIROC’s strategic initiative of ‘Turning the Corner on Patient Safety’.


We had a moment to catch up with the new Risk Watch Quarterly editor, Senior Healthcare Risk Management Specialist Anthony Soung Yee. Here is what he had to say about this valuable resource and its recent changes:

Tell us a bit about yourself and your role at HIROC?

I am a Senior Healthcare Risk Management Specialist with extensive experience in human factors and patient safety.

In addition to providing risk management support to Subscribers, I bring together aspects of human factors and patient safety to align them with HIROC’s strategic initiatives.

What is Risk Watch? And how does it provide value to Subscribers?

Risk Watch is a selection of evidence-based research and publications for our Subscribers. It is one of our most popular resources that can be found in the monthly HIROC Insider Newsletter.

Keeping on top of the latest trends can be challenging, so our team reviews the latest literature and determines what would be of value to Subscribers to stay current.

As an organization, HIROC is committed to promoting and disseminating evidence-based risk management, patient safety, and human factors knowledge.

We highly encourage readers to share this collection of research and publications amongst their peers and to anyone who may benefit from the latest research and trends.

What are some of the changes to the new edition of Risk Watch, and why did your team take it in this new direction?

The main driver behind our changes to Risk Watch was to align the information provided with HIROC’s main strategic initiatives and support our collective efforts on turning the corner on patient safety.

As you will see in the new edition, our main patient safety drivers are now at the forefront: maternal/neonatal care, patient deterioration, and death by suicide while under care.

It is critical that we highlight these three areas because HIROC can provide a lens on these topics with respect to risk management, patient safety initiatives, systems engineering thinking, and human factors considerations.

What can Subscribers expect from future editions of Risk Watch?

Risk Watch will continue to provide a list of recent evidence-based risk management, patient safety, and human factors information.

Our focus will be on curating articles on each of those three patient safety drivers. Each new edition will also be published quarterly instead of monthly.

We will also continue to provide a list of practical resources in each quarterly publication.

As the editor of this upcoming Risk Watch, what did some of the work you did entail?

I work with a fantastic team of Specialists here at HIROC, who review selected journals and publications to choose articles related to the main three patient safety drivers.

As an editor, I gather and coordinate which articles will be focused upon and then summarize what will be in the Risk Watch with an editor’s note.

On a personal note, I find coordinating Risk Watch an informative exercise as it is exciting to read about the latest trends and patient safety initiatives.

I am always pleased to bring the academic aspect to this selection process and providing the editorial feature as well.

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By Marc Aiello, Communications and Marketing Coordinator, HIROC