Inspire a Culture of Belonging

Catherine Gaulton
Image of the Pride Flag waving with text of "Inspire a Culture of Belonging" on top and HIROC logo in the bottom right corner.

This Pride Season, HIROC is encouraging all its staff and Subscribers to renew their commitment to inclusivity and continue to inspire a culture of belonging in their organizations.


The start of June marks the beginning of Pride Season – a time for all of us to come together and honour the remarkable contributions of our 2SLGBTQI+ community and recognize their ongoing journey toward equality and inclusion.

While reflecting on this year’s Pride Season in particular, I am reminded that although a lot of progress has been made in our society, there is still much work to be done.

Pride Season is not only about celebration; it’s also about doing all we can to ensure equality and inclusion. And at HIROC, we will continue to support initiatives that advance equality and create a more inclusive workspace for everyone.

That’s why I encourage all our staff to be an ally, and all corporations inspire a culture of belonging within their organizations. Engage in those important conversations. Lend an ear to 2SLGBTQI+ voices, listen with empathy, and continue to amplify their stories for all to hear.

It’s only through awareness and education that we may learn to have a better understanding of one another, defeat harmful stereotypes, and foster an inclusive and diverse healthcare system that’s accessible to anyone from any walk of life.

Have a safe and happy Pride!

Catherine Gaulton