HIROC – Notice of Move to Virtual Office

Catherine Gaulton
person working at laptop

Thank you for your attention to our communiqués sent out last Friday (March 13, 2020). If you have any questions about either of them, please reach out at any time.

In keeping with our commitment to communicate with you in a transparent and timely manner during these evolving times, I wanted to share the following news with you.

To do our part in Flattening the Curve, HIROC's Toronto and Winnipeg offices will be closed starting March 16, 2020.

I’d like to assure you that the HIROC service you are accustomed to will not change – operations will continue uninterrupted.

As our dedicated staff shift to a virtual workspace in an effort to practice social distancing, we cannot stress enough that we are here for you!

To accommodate your needs and shifting priorities, you may also receive notifications from your key contacts who have already scheduled in-person meetings; these may be postponed or moved to a virtual space.

You can continue to use the same email and phone contacts – these have been set up so that staff can access email and calls remotely.

Additionally, we plan to keep the COVID-19 Updates page on HIROC.com up to date with any new resources you may need. 

Finally, in keeping with living both our vision and values, we’ll continue to work hard on delivering on our promise to you – that of being your trusted healthcare safety advisor.

If there’s anything else we can do to meet your needs, or if you experience any difficulty in accessing service, please consult the list of key contacts below.

Catherine Gaulton, CEO

Trevor Hall, VP, Healthcare Safety & Risk Management

Heather Brown, VP, Insurance Services

Greg King, VP, Finance

Jennifer Quaglietta, VP, Performance Excellence & Information Services

Gord Slemko, General Counsel

Kim Dieleman, Lead, Western Region

Philip De Souza, Director, Communications and Marketing

Arlene Kraft, Director, Healthcare Safety and Risk Management

Gareth Lewis, Director, Claims

Shahbaz Haque, Director, Insurance Services

Leo Dias, Director, Information Services and Advanced Analytics

Arun Dixit, Digital and Innovation Strategist 

Rossi Jamieson, Controller

I encourage you to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Catherine Gaulton