Enhancing Healthcare Safety Together

Marc Aiello
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Fostering meaningful engagement with our valued Subscribers is at the core of our mission at HIROC.

In our journey for continuous improvement and aligning with our Subscriber’s evolving needs, we annually conduct our “Subscriber Engagement Survey,” gathering invaluable feedback and information. 

This survey, designed to reflect our commitment to a collaborative relationship with those we serve, provides a platform for our Subscribers to share their voice and speak to the impact of our service offerings.

And the results speak for themselves – they tell a story not normally seen in the insurance sector, one of very high engagement with customers.

96% Satisfaction rate


94% Would recommend


89% Value HIROC’s tools, resources and support and directly connect to improving safety 


“HIROC staff are very knowledgeable, approachable, and collaborative. You aim to understand our complex and nuanced roles in the healthcare system. We appreciate the partnership you offer us in navigating risks, safety, and quality,” said one Subscriber in a quote taken from the survey.

Our staff have a deep knowledge and understanding of the work healthcare professionals do every day, and we approach solutions with empathy, actionable data, and a mutual commitment to achieving safe and optimal healthcare delivery.

At the end of day, we at HIROC work for our Subscribers, the owners of the Reciprocal, and so our goal is to ensure we can take things off your plate, support you in making wise decisions, and provide peace of mind that we have your back.

But what’s more telling is how HIROC’s vision continues to resonate with the healthcare community – partnering to create the safest healthcare system.

And speaking of partnering, we're grateful for our Subscriber Advisory Council, a group consisting of representatives from a wide range of HIROC Subscribers - we also share findings from the annual survey with this dedicated Council, seeking their thoughts and feedback as well. 

How Do the Numbers Translate for Subscribers?

Knowledge sharing and scaling lessons learned across our healthcare system is the cornerstone of what we do and is a unique differentiator for HIROC. With so much uncertainty in the world, we are here to offer proactive support and education.

We do this through special events like our annual conference, safety symposiums, emerging trends risk forums, webinars, cybersecurity workshops, tools and resources, and much more.

Your direct feedback in the annual survey has a huge impact on how we strategize to support you. It’s resulted in focused learning for healthcare professionals through our Risk Management Residency Program. Now in its third year, the program boasts a curriculum that meets the ever-evolving needs of risk and safety leaders.

“I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to connect with so many Subscribers each and every day,” said Catherine Gaulton, CEO at HIROC.

“And with every interaction, I learn how Team HIROC is there to make a positive impact, whether through support on a claim, guidance on a safety and risk matter, or providing an overview of their comprehensive coverage – throughout it all, it’s so amazing to see how together, we’re turning the corner on patient safety,” she added.

A big THANK YOU to the healthcare community! Your feedback goes a long way, and we appreciate your partnership.

A Few More Notable Quotes From Subscribers:

“HIROC is a very proactive and responsive insurer with our best interest at heart. The focus on risk management education and support is evident in the number and quality of learning opportunities.”

“From the website to the webinars that we receive give us up-to-date information that assists in our operations, and we find it very helpful.”

Want to learn more about becoming a HIROC Subscriber and our services?  Connect with us at inquiries@hiroc.com.


By Marc Aiello, Communications and Marketing Specialist, HIROC