Do You Know About HIROC’s Property Insurance Program?

Marc Aiello
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HIROC is committed to providing a spectrum of insurance solutions tailored to the unique needs of our Subscribers. We believe in the power of partnerships, and that collaboration is the cornerstone of creating a resilient healthcare sector.

Did you know HIROC has a dedicated Brokerage team who provide advice, guidance and support on all things property?

Quick fact: HIROC’s unique model allows Subscribers to take advantage of comprehensive coverage through the Reciprocal, and also tap into additional specialty lines such as property coverage.

We sat down with HIROC’s Jean Asuncion, Engineering Liaison Associate and Jonathan Bracamonte, Lead, Product development to learn more.

How does HIROC’s Brokerage team support Subscribers?

“Brokerage is responsible for designing, negotiating, and placing the property insurance program to protect Subscribers’ real property from a multitude of perils including water escape, fire, natural disasters, vandalism, and theft,” said Bracamonte.

“The program covers all owned property as well as property of others for which the insured is responsible. This includes building, contents, equipment, and tenant/leasehold improvements. Coverage is on an all-risks basis. We ensure the property insurance program meets Subscriber’s unique and dynamic needs as it relates to the protection of these important assets.”

Bracamonte continued, “Because healthcare is our business, we understand the evolving needs of our Subscribers. But more importantly, our vision and strategy revolve around safety, and so, we aim to share valuable knowledge on how to mitigate risk ensuring a safe space for patients, their families, and staff. Appropriately, with the partnership of our property and equipment breakdown insurance partners, HIROC’s Brokerage facilitates loss engineering inspections to discover ways to prevent and reduce the impact of loss.”

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What kind of hands-on support can Subscribers expect?

“As a HIROC Subscriber, you have exclusive access to experts. One way you’ll liaise with these experts is with site visits. This is an opportunity to assist and support our Subscribers in understanding their property recommendations,” said Asuncion.

“At site visits, Subscribers will learn more about the resources and tools available to them, such as our Sample Water Leakage Response Plan template, Contractor Management Manual, and Property Loss Prevention Manual. As well as training on Hot Work and Red Tag Permit Systems. Subscribers can always reach out to us to schedule a site visit. HIROC and our partner, FM Global are always ready to assist.”

What kind of expertise does the Brokerage team have?

“Our team’s focus is on healthcare and organizations who support healthcare,” said Bracamonte. “Because of our unique role in the healthcare sector, we have first-hand knowledge and data on trends across the country, and as such have the ability to share new learnings quickly, allowing for Subscribers to scale lessons learned. The property insurance program has been in place for over 30 years, and we have a depth of experience insuring a wide variety of Subscribers, from small clinics to massive developments owned by large academic hospitals across the country.”

“HIROC’s Brokerage supports Subscribers who need coverage outside of the liability policy, for example, property, equipment breakdown, cyber, automobile, builder’s risk and other risk issues,” added Asuncion.

We know some insurance terminology can be a lot to absorb, so we are always here to listen to your questions – we encourage you to reach out to us anytime at [email protected].

Putting Principles into Practice

As outlined above, Team HIROC is laser focused on sharing learnings across the Reciprocal, and recently travelled to Owen Sound, Ontario, for an interactive session with Brightshores Health System’s facilities team.

During the session, Asuncion and her team engaged in comprehensive discussions about facility procedures, taking proactive steps to update Brightshores staff on the latest standards. They answered questions and ensured their facilities team is well-equipped to create effective plans, such as preparing for hot works and fire protection impairment management.

HIROC & Brightshores Health System's facilities team

After the session, we had a chance to catch up with Hajnalka Risebrough, Director of Facilities Management & Biomedical Engineering at Brightshores Health System, to learn more about her team’s experience.

“It’s important for us to regularly refresh and improve our knowledge, as well as receive procedures and policy updates from our subject matter experts at HIROC,” said Risebrough. “Our mission is to provide quality service to our patients while maintaining our facilities in the best conditions possible.”

When asked about what Risebrough and her team were hoping to learn from the training, she expressed that learning the latest updates and current facilities procedures was crucial. For example, one staff member who attended the session said they learned their hospital fell under the “Office, retail or manufacturing with limited combustible loading” section of the Hot Work Permit program, meaning that if they were planning for hot work any time soon, it would require one hour of watch and one hour of monitoring after it was completed.

“If there is one thing I would share with the healthcare sector on mitigating property risks, it would be to regularly plan, prepare and be proactive with any concerns so we can investigate an issue before it can possibly become an incident,” added Risebrough.

Are you interested in receiving tailored solutions to your property and facility needs? Please don’t hesitate to connect with us at [email protected].

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By Marc Aiello, Communications and Marketing Specialist, HIROC