Do You Know About HIROC Intelligence?

Philip De Souza
Do you know about HIROC Intelligence? Picture of Leo Dias from HIROC who shares knowledge.

As your proactive insurance and healthcare safety advisor, HIROC is always identifying ways in which we can support our valued Subscribers.

The team at HIROC has been working hard to build a tool that helps subscribers find insights and trends in their claims data.

Built on a strong foundation of information security and privacy, in addition to a great deal of testing and feedback from beta users, we are delighted to provide an update on HIROC Intelligence.

We sit down with Leo Dias, HIROC’s Vice President, Performance Excellence & Information Services, to learn more about the tool.

What is HIROC Intelligence?

HIROC Intelligence is a new digital tool where subscribers can find up-to-date, secure, and relevant insights about their claims experience. It is an interactive dashboard that supplements HIROC’s standard reports by automating analysis and presenting complex trends in a simple visual format.

Why was it created?

We recognize how important it is that subscribers are equipped with accurate, timely and intuitive information to guide decisions and risk management efforts. HIROC Intelligence places the power of HIROC’s data at subscribers’ fingertips, supporting their safety strategies with relevant insights.

Our goal with HIROC Intelligence is to make it easy for subscribers to learn from their claims experience, so they can translate that learning into safety action.

Have there been any AHA moments for you and team as you’ve worked on making the tool for HIROC Subscribers?

As with any innovation, we learned lots of lessons as we designed and built this new tool. Given the confidential nature of HIROC’s data, security and privacy are our top priorities. We engaged several industry experts to help guide our efforts and are proud of the safeguards we’ve put in place to keep subscriber data safe.

Another AHA moment revolves around the engagement of our beta users. These individuals helped guide decisions on how to optimize the tool and make it useful and valuable. We’re so fortunate to have Subscribers who offer their unique lens on what matters most to them and the broader healthcare community.

How will Subscribers access the exclusive platform?

HIROC Intelligence is launching in phases over the coming months. We aim to roll it out to 80% of HIROC subscribers by the end of 2024. Once it’s available to your organization, you will see it as a new tool on the HIROC website, where it can be accessed seamlessly using your existing HIROC user account.

While we have you Leo, there’s always so much evolving in the tech sphere, what’s exciting you right now with respect to healthcare technology?

There’s a lot of buzz out there about Artificial Intelligence (AI). Behind all the marketing noise, there are true opportunities for AI to help ease the staffing shortages in the healthcare sector – not by replacing healthcare workers but by empowering and elevating them. I’m particularly excited about the opportunities for safe adoption of AI medical scribes and continuous vital sign monitoring technologies.

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By Philip De Souza, AVP, Communications and Marketing, HIROC