Board Bits: Insights From HIROC's Newest Board Members

Marc Aiello
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Earlier this year at our Annual General Meeting, HIROC welcomed three new board members. Each of them brings a wealth of expertise and deep knowledge of healthcare.

HIROC’s newest board members include:

  • Tyler Bragg, Vice Chair at Saskatchewan Health Authority
  • Tina Giesbrecht, General Counsel, Alberta Health Services
  • Bruce Squires, President and Vice President, McMaster Children’s Hospital and Women’s and Children’s Health, Hamilton Health Sciences

And a special thank you to a couple of outgoing members. We’d like to acknowledge and bid farewell to Alex Munter and Robbie Peters; their contributions and dedication to HIROC were vital to supporting our collective vision.

Spend a Bit of Time With Our Board

Recently, I was fortunate to have the opportunity and privilege of sitting down with HIROC’s new board members to learn more about their experience in healthcare, their thoughts on HIROC’s philosophy and community, and key insights on what makes them so passionate about healthcare.

First off is this written interview below with Tina Giesbrecht, followed by my video interviews with Tyler Bragg and Bruce Squires:

Image with Tina Giesbrecht, General Counsel, Alberta Health Services


Our Reciprocal model is all about sharing knowledge and scaling lessons learned across the healthcare system. Why do you value HIROC's community?

I value HIROC's community because it provides the opportunity to learn firsthand about what's happening in other jurisdictions, gaining an insider's perspective and valuable knowledge.

What does safety mean to you?

For us, safety is paramount in every aspect of what we do. It embodies providing the best possible care to prevent harm, ensuring that our actions never cause harm in the first place. However, should harm occur, taking responsibility and doing the right thing to mitigate and rectify the situation is essential. Safety isn't just a consideration – it's a commitment and a fundamental principle guiding our actions.

What was your first job?

During my high school years in a small town in southern Manitoba, I worked at a museum called the Fossil Discovery Centre Modern Museum. The museum housed large fossils from the paleontology era, and during the summers, I spent my time digging for more fossils. Having such a significant museum in a town of that size was impressive. Ongoing fossil discoveries took place, and archaeologists would come to the centre whenever they found something noteworthy, often excavating in the bentonite pits and carefully cleaning the fossils. I had the opportunity to engage in this exciting work for three consecutive summers.

How do you unplug?

I enjoy engaging in physical activities and immersing myself in the outdoors. I particularly enjoy walking, hiking, and downhill skiing. When at home, I relish the outdoors by hiking. One of the best hikes I experienced was in Lake Louise, where I rented an e-bike and then hiked from Moraine Lake. The journey unfolded to a memorable $10 bill hike, which was breathtaking. Additionally, I love exploring the Kananaskis area, and a standout adventure was the Ribbon Falls hike that was 22 kilometres roundtrip. Very doable and offered stunning views with captivating creeks along the way.

What do you find most exciting about joining the board?

Meeting all of these great people from across the country who are all dedicated to the same thing!


A Few Minutes with Tyler Bragg


A Few Minutes with Bruce Squires


Thank you to Tina, Tyler, and Bruce for coming with us on HIROC’s journey to partner in creating the safest healthcare system!


Marc Aiello is HIROC’s Communications and Marketing Specialist