Healthcare Change Makers (Podcast)

Healthcare Change Makers

Step inside the minds of Canada’s healthcare leaders; welcome to Healthcare Change Makers.

Join us as we talk to leaders about driving change in our complex healthcare organizations. Learn valuable lessons about how to manage the bigger challenges and risks facing organizations today – the implementation of new technology, natural disasters, patient safety, and the big problem of congestion and poor access to care.
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Episode 09: HIROC, SOGC, and CMPA join forces as partners in Salus Global

In this special episode of Healthcare Change Makers, we talk to the four leaders whose organizations have formed a new collaboration to advance the safety of obstetrical and perinatal care in Canada. Hear from Catherine Gaulton (CEO, HIROC), Dr. Hartley Stern (Executive Director and CEO, CMPA), Dr. Jennifer Blake (CEO, SOGC), and Malcolm Eade (President and CEO, Salus Global). Access the show notes and transcript for episode 09.

Episode 08: Transforming the care of children and youth with disabilities with Julia Hanigsberg, President and CEO, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

The common elements in a career that has taken Julia from government to education administration, and now healthcare are her curiosity and desire to keep on learning new things. Listen to episode 08 and access the show notes and transcript.

EPISODE 07: Brendan Carr, CEO, William Osler Health System and not letting the drive for efficiencies overshadow the need to be deliberate about quality and safety

As CEO of an organization that is situated in one of the fastest-growing communities in the province, Brendan is excited about the richness of that community and the importance of never losing focus on the delivery of quality, safe care. Listen to episode 07 and access the show notes and transcript.


As CEO of an organization dedicated to the assessment and treatment of people living with complex and serious mental illness, Karim has created a culture built around self-care, compassion and having real conversations. Listen to episode 06 and access the show notes and transcript.

EPISODE 05: In Conversation with Dr. Andrew Petrosoniak, Emergency and Trauma Team Leader at St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto

Dr. Petrosoniak describes the exciting ways in situ simulation can be used to replicate systems and processes and test new ideas and equipment – all with the goal of improving patient safety. Listen to episode 05 and access the show notes and transcript.

EPISODE 04: Sherry Janzen, CEO of Salem Home, and the value of listening and learning to "read the air" in an organization

Sherry started questioning the way things were done in Long Term Care from the time she took her first job as an Activities Director. Her quest for finding a better way to provide care that is in tune with residents continues to this day. Listen to episode 04 and access the transcript.

EPISODE 03: Kavita Mehta, CEO, AFHTO and the Need for One Voice in Primary Care

With her approachable and collaborative style, Kavita gets things done by having an optimistic perspective and building trusting relationships. Listen to episode 03 and access the transcript.

Episode 02: Innovating Remote Healthcare with Debbie Molloy, Vice-President Corporate Services, Eastern Health

In a province with challenging weather and many rural communities, Debbie Molloy and her colleagues at Eastern Health are testing new approaches to delivering care – with insight, hard work, compassion, and of course humour! Listen to episode 02 and access the transcript.

Episode 01: In Conversation with Sarah Downey, President & CEO of Michael Garron Hospital 

With her own special blend of strength and compassion, Sarah is inspiring the MGH community to change the face of health in East York and beyond. Listen to episode 01 and access the transcript.