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The Value of Being an Insider

We caught up with a reader of our monthly newsletter, The HIROC Insider, to hear her thoughts on how this resource helps her in her role

Joanna Keown is the Director of Risk at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH).

Part of Joanna’s role is always being on the lookout for the latest trends in risk management, and staying on top of mitigation strategies designed to promote patient safety. 

Thank You for Your Feedback!

We’re listening and continuing to evolve our Service First strategy

In service to you, our valued Subscribers, we decided to forge ahead with our annual Subscriber Engagement Survey in late 2020.

We were delighted to see how the first year of our new strategic plan was being received, specifically around embracing a relentless customer focus.

Many to thanks to those who took time out of their busy day to share your thoughts.

Guidelines to Help Mitigate Spoilage of Sensitive Materials and Supplies

As your trusted insurance and healthcare safety advisor we’re always on the lookout to find opportunities to share knowledge with our valued Subscribers.

Our primary goal in all of this is to ensure you and your teams have the right information to make important decisions.

We hope you find this article courtesy of our partners from HSB Canada helpful.

Building on the Cybersecurity Lessons From 2020

With the rapid transformation to the digital healthcare delivery model and adoption of remote-working, 2020 produced additional opportunities for cybercriminals to exploit the pandemic situation for financial gain. 

We witnessed many Canadian and international healthcare organizations suffer cybersecurity breaches. 

Putting Safety Intelligence Into Action

In this episode of Talk with HIROC, we sat down with Tracey Herlihey, head of safety intelligence at Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB) in the United Kingdom, and Jennifer Jeon, human factors and patient safety lead at Sinai Health in Toronto.

We’ve Got You Covered!

Artificial Intelligence FAQ for your healthcare site with Dr. Kathryn Todd and Arun Dixit

When you think of Artificial Intelligence (AI), scenes from movies like The Terminator may come to mind – and it may be scary to imagine the idea of robots running your healthcare site. 

We Missed You in the Spring, but Caught Up With You in the Fall

We recently sat down with Lori Borovoy, Wendy Hooper and Stefano Gelmi to learn more about the IRM Clinic their team hosted.

Why does HIROC host Risk Management Clinics? 

In November HIROC hosted its seventh clinic. HIROC initially started with Integrated Risk Management (IRM) and Risk Register Clinics to assist our Subscribers’ on their IRM journey and help them refine processes.