Security Notice Pertaining to the Subscriber Portal

The Healthcare Insurance Reciprocal of Canada (HIROC) believes that the security of communications over electronic networks such as the Internet is an important factor in a subscriber’s use of the HIROC website. This notice aims to bring certain security-related considerations to the attention of users who are logged in to the Subscriber Portal.

The first consideration pertains to the web browser. While is encrypted by https, users should also verify their browser connection is secure, as indicated by a padlock or key icon in the address bar. uses session cookies. Please read the privacy policy to learn more about our use of cookies.

The information submitted through this website and collected by HIROC’s servers is safeguarded through the use of secure files. Access to servers is physically restricted.

While HIROC takes measures to secure transactions on this website, there are other precautions that subscribers should take to maximize the security of their information. For example, subscribers should regularly apply security and application/system updates to their browser and operating system. Subscribers should also protect their computers with up-to-date anti-virus and firewall software.

Subscribers require passwords to access the services provided through the Subscriber Portal of the website. Subscribers are entirely responsible for the use of their passwords. Accordingly, subscribers are advised to treat such passwords as confidential and to:
  • Not write down or store passwords online
  • Not use the same password for this website as for other accounts and websites
  • Not use the "Remember password" feature of the browser
  • Not hint at the format of a password in any conversation or communication
  • Not reveal a password over the phone, via email, in verbal communication or on questionnaires or forms.
For security purposes, and to ensure that this service remains available to all members, HIROC employs software to monitor network traffic, identify unauthorized attempts to upload or change information, and prevent service attacks or other incidents intended to cause damage.

Unauthorized attempts to defeat or circumvent security features are not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to: the use of the HIROC system for other than intended purposes; to deny service to authorized users; to access, obtain, alter, damage or destroy information; or to otherwise interfere with the system or its operation. Evidence of such acts may also be disclosed to law enforcement authorities and may result in criminal prosecution under the laws of Canada or other applicable jurisdictions.