Staff Pick: Risk Notes (Finance & Insurance)

Friday, March 1, 2019 – Celia Silva

Role at HIROC: I am a Senior Underwriter in the Insurance department. I work closely with subscribers in responding to insurance inquiries, providing quotes, processing renewals, and presenting HIROC’s services to senior leadership teams and boards.

Has been at HIROC since: August 2015.

Best part of the job: I love that I get to work directly with subscribers to answer their questions and help them decide what’s best for their organizations. Not everyone I deal with is familiar with the insurance world, so I work hard to break down knowledge barriers and share practical information. I also really like meeting with subscribers to put a face to a name and to develop stronger relationships!

One set of resources that Celia often recommends to subscribers is HIROC’s Risk Notes, especially those that pertain to Finance & Insurance. Here’s what Celia had to say about her Staff Pick.

Risk Notes are concise documents that provide information on risk management issues as well as common topics around coverage and policy. Each one was developed because the topics are trending in healthcare, or pertain to areas that our subscribers seek clarification on.

Honestly, I think everyone from front-line staff to board members can benefit from reviewing our Risk Notes; that goes for acute and non-acute care organizations. No organization is completely risk averse. Because they are all available in PDF, it’s easy to share the sheets with teams at meetings and in huddles – I know that quite a few of our subscribers are doing this already.

While the information varies for each topic, all of our Risk Notes are structured in the same way. They contain an overview of the issue, a callout box with key points, as well as items for consideration which provide more detail on the topic.

For example, the Contracts – Important Clauses Risk Note provides information on what clauses should be in place in a good contract.

As you can imagine, coverage during construction and physical upgrades is a common area for questions, especially these days. The Construction Insurance Risk Note offers information on coverage available to HIROC subscribers as well as business interruption and construction contracts. This particular Risk Note makes it clear that there is coverage under the HIROC property policy for projects with values under $10M; so right away subscribers can assess if their projects require additional insurance or not. This saves time for subscribers who may not have to contact us to let us know about small renovations.

We also get a lot of questions around Directors’ and Officers’ (D&O) Liability Insurance so my colleagues and I worked together to author a Risk Note on this topic. I find this note really comprehensive so when I respond to a question regarding D&O, I’ll usually attach the resource; subscribers really appreciate it.

One of our subscribers recently told me they had included our D&O Risk Note in a package for their board meeting, so we know the resource is effective and useful. This feedback makes us proud and gives us more incentive to continue creating these tools.

Although I love interacting with subscribers, we ultimately aim to make their lives easier and to help them make decisions. I believe the Risk Notes do that by proactively addressing questions subscribers may have.

With that said, my colleagues and I always appreciate feedback on the Risk Notes we have already, and topics we may not have covered yet. HIROC subscribers should feel free to reach out any time ( with questions or comments.

Celia Silva is Senior Underwriter at HIROC.