“Innovation Distinguishes Between a Leader and a Follower”

2019 HIROC Conference to lead the conversation on healthcare innovation

Tuesday, March 5, 2019 – Philip De Souza

On Monday April 29, the HIROC Conference will host a panel of change makers for an exclusive fireside chat on the role of innovation in healthcare. “The Innovation Imperative panel is meant to inspire delegates, and to convey how critical it is for our leaders to be innovative and inspire innovation,” says HIROC CEO, Catherine Gaulton.
Each of the five panelists have a unique lens on healthcare. They include:
  • Dr. Joel Dudley, Director of the Institute for Next Generation Healthcare, Ichan School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York City
  • Dr. Anna Goldenberg, Varma Family Chair and Senior Scientist, SickKids
  • Dr. Mjaye Mazwi, Staff Physician, Director of Translational Engineering, Critical Care Medicine, SickKids
  • Pat Clifford, Director of Research and Innovation, Southlake Regional Health Centre
  • Bill Simpson, Medical Science Liaison, Winterlight Labs

Mount Sinai’s Lab100

Dr. Dudley will share how he and his team in New York are shifting the emphasis on treating disease toward preventing disease. A recent article in Fast Company magazine profiled the work of Lab100 – a private beta prototype lab, and a finalist in the 2018 innovation by design awards.
At Lab100 blood tests, body scans, and VR headsets are the norm. Even something as simple as having patients pose for a photo has reason – the team believes they can lessen the likelihood of errors when entering patient data once a picture is attached to an electronic record. Ultimately, patients are given a more complete picture of their health through an experience that’s not typical of your standard doctor visit.
“It’s a service model that’s virtually nonexistent elsewhere in the health care system – one that’s based on UX, data, visualizations, storytelling, and most crucially, user-centered design and consent,” wrote Fast Company.

Innovation at Home – HIROC Subscribers Making Waves

Delegates at the upcoming conference will also have the privilege of hearing from several HIROC subscribers, where innovation is entrenched in their purpose.
From SickKids Dr. Anna Goldenberg and Dr. Mjaye Mazwi have the pulse of the future. Their work and that of their teams is being noticed – most recently in a Globe and Mail article highlighting how the AI research conducted at SickKids will save and improve lives of patients.
Another HIROC subscriber making waves is Southlake Regional Health Centre. Pat Clifford, Director of Research and Innovation will share his organization’s innovation journey. At Southlake, innovation is highly prioritized in their strategic plan and organization structure. Innovation also extends to programs like CAREChart@home – a program sponsored by Cancer Care Ontario and Bayshore HealthCare.
And when it comes to breakthroughs in healthcare innovation, many have taken notice of Toronto start-up Winterlight Labs. Conference delegates will hear from Bill Simpson, Winterlight’s Medical Science Liaison. Winterlight’s tablet-based solution analyzes speech and detects cognitive impairment associated with dementia and mental illness. Long-term care providers and their clients will benefit in a number of ways, but perhaps most importantly, the tool can help determine when to transition to a higher level of care.
“Because HIROC is always listening to our subscribers, we know innovation is important to them,” said Gaulton. “We put together this amazing panel of speakers to support our subscribers in their innovation journey.”
As Steve Jobs once said, innovating is about leading the way. We are looking forward to hearing the panelists’ unique vision for the future of healthcare.
Philip De Souza is HIROC's Manager, Communicatons and Marketing.