Your voice drives change in healthcare

HIROC staff Lois Hales (left) and Sara Chow (right) connecting with subscribers at the 2018 HIROC Conference.
HIROC staff Lois Hales (left) and Sara Chow (right) connecting with subscribers at the 2018 HIROC Conference.
Friday, December 21, 2018 – HIROC News

It is trite to say that 2018 has been eventful for the healthcare system in Canada. Our responses to challenges and opportunities, and the diligent efforts to improve quality and safety for those we serve (our patients, their loved ones and our communities) give us much to be proud of.
I have always felt privileged to be part of the healthcare system in Canada and that continues with my role at HIROC. We devote ourselves to assisting you – our subscribers – with a cyberattack or a flood. We are there when you need disclosure for a Health Canada or manufacturer warning. We respond to your need for insurance coverage for new and exciting things in healthcare. And we get up every day inspired to work with you and your teams to improve the quality and safety of healthcare. At HIROC, we are proud of our focus on service to you and, through you, to those you serve.
It’s truly amazing to hear how an insurance reciprocal, more specifically the people who work for it and who work for you, are being recognized as trusted advisors in healthcare.  HIROC’s 100-plus leaders are committed to serving your insurance, claims and risk management needs, and to collaborating with YOU to create valuable tools and resources which enhance quality and safety for those we collectively serve.
In addition to our work directly with subscribers and partners, HIROC has been working on its 2020 – 2023 strategic plan. We’ve heard a great deal of feedback from you and our other stakeholders and partners. As the plan gets to a more formalized stage, we will find ways to consult again before it is formally launched in 2019.  
During the past year, HIROC has increased the geographic spread of its subscribers in Canada, and launched its HIROC Safety Grants program. Also, through shared ownership of Salus Global, we have strengthened our partnership with the CMPA and the SOGC, with the goal of increasing the safety of perinatal care in Canada.
As we close the year, I know very well what a challenging year it’s been for many of you. Whether it’s managing budgets, leading during a time of many amalgamations, or working to ensure safe care for your patients and your staff – I’ve heard first-hand what resiliency looks and feels like to you.  So, as I sign off one last time for the year, I’d like to thank each and every one of you for your commitment, your passion and your partnership with HIROC.
It’s your voice that drives change and we’re listening!
All the best this holiday season and a prosperous and safe new year!

Catherine Gaulton is HIROC's CEO. Follow Catherine on Twitter at @CaGaulton.