Improvements in risk management and patient safety on the rise

HIROC releases summary report for the first three-year cycle of Risk Assessment Checklists

Thursday, November 30, 2017 – Sara Chow

You may know it simply as RAC. Or perhaps you know it by its full name, Risk Assessment Checklists. Whatever name you use, you should know that RAC is an online program being used by over 240 healthcare organizations in Canada to report on compliance with key strategies to manage the top risks leading to malpractice claims.
This past September, RAC concluded its first three-year cycle for the acute care sector. To mark the occasion and share key learnings, HIROC is releasing Risk Assessment Checklists: Summary Results of the First Three-Year Cycle – a report compiling the data from 64 acute care organizations.
Our analysis of the data uncovers this crucial fact – the organizations who participate in RAC are extremely committed to using this tool to help them identify and manage key risks in their organizations. This commitment, we’re pleased to say, is driving significant improvements in compliance with mitigation strategies.
Here are some notable findings from the report:
  • The overall compliance with mitigation strategies for top acute care risks increased by 8% over three years.
  • The highest compliance was seen in surgical risks:
    • Wrong Patient/Site/Procedure (98% compliance by Year 3);
    • Retained Foreign Bodies (98% compliance); and,
    • Inadequate Sterility (97% compliance).
  • The most improved risk was the Failure to Identify/Monitor Hyperbilirubinemia by organizations without obstetrical services (30% increase over three years).
The report also profiles the RAC experience of two HIROC subscribers – St. Joseph’s Heath Centre Toronto (now part of Providence St. Joseph’s and St. Michael’s Healthcare) and Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences.
We are invigorated by the results from the first three-year cycle of RAC. The data presented in the report is going to help us and our subscribers identify future areas of focus and intervention.
Risk Assessment Checklists: Summary Results of the First Three-Year Cycle is available now on under Risk Management, Risk Assessment Checklists.
For more information on RAC and how your organization take part, contact:
Sara Chow, Senior Healthcare Risk Management Specialist, HIROC