A 30-year old upstart that continues to WOW!

After 29 years, HIROC said goodbye to Peter Flattery and welcomed Catherine Gaulton as CEO

Friday, February 10, 2017 – Philip De Souza

It seemed like an ordinary day, one of those when I was able to set aside a few minutes to clean up my office. It was the day when I found a tiny piece of paper from a fortune cookie I had kept from earlier in the year. The words were prescient: “Something interesting will happen soon at work.”
It turns out that it was no ordinary day after all, because soon after that cookie was cracked and consumed, Peter Flattery announced his retirement.
Now this was definitely getting interesting.
Peter joined HIROC in 1988, just seven months after its inception and eight years later he became HIROC’s CEO. The next 21 years saw tremendous growth for the fledgling reciprocal on many fronts.
After seeing the value of partnering with an organization dedicated to reducing costs and preventing losses, the pace of healthcare organizations joining HIROC steadily gained momentum – and has continued to this day. When he looked  back on those early years at HIROC and being on the road talking up the new reciprocal, Peter has a vivid memory of our early subscribers, “One thing that really struck me,” he said, “was how intelligent and highly-educated our clients were – they were authentically interested in finding ways to make their organizations safer.”
HIROC also saw growth, or better yet an evolution of its healthcare risk management suite of services. The tools and resources created for subscribers were beginning to be noticed not just in Canada, but around the globe.
And finally, the growth was also evident with HIROC’s financial story. Sound fiscal management led to record surplus amounts being distributed to eligible subscribers.
Under Peter’s leadership HIROC is the 30-year old upstart that has continued to WOW!
So, back to that cookie... many wondered, “What’s next?” for HIROC after Peter departs. “Of course HIROC is going to continue to grow and evolve and I’ll be watching with great interest,” he said when I asked him about the future. “The organization is well-positioned to take that next step.”
And then it dawned on me, you see, because of his guidance, mentorship and open leadership style, the HIROC team he led over all these years is confident in its abilities and sure-footed in its path and performance.
Because what’s happening now is far beyond what any other insurer can say they’re doing for their members.
Whether it’s the comprehensive coverage we provide or the world class tools and resources we create to help leaders make decisions – we’re ALL truly living our vision (the very one Peter helped craft): Partnering to create the safest healthcare system.
While we may have already said farewell to Peter, we continue to say Thank You for leaving a legacy that will live on through our talented people and unique products and services.
In keeping our focus on the now as well as on the road ahead, on February 1 we welcomed our new CEO, Catherine Gaulton. Catherine came to HIROC from the Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) where she was the Vice President, Quality and System Performance and Chief Legal Officer.
HIROC’s Board Chair Elizabeth Martin praised Catherine’s leadership and extensive experience in the healthcare sector saying, “Catherine’s passion for patient safety, coupled with her understanding of the unique role an insurance reciprocal plays, will equip her to take HIROC to the next level.”
All of us at HIROC are enjoying getting to know Catherine and are excited to see what the future has in store.
By Philip De Souza, HIROC Manager, Communications and Marketing